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Join Women Weight Lifting Master Class as we discuss fitness hacks, fat burning secrets and workout strategies that sculpt a strong, functional sexy physique.   

In This MasterClass
You'll Learn:

In This MasterClass
You'll Learn:


Exercise Essentials every women over 40 should know when lifting weight – 


3 simple, ways to build muscle, burn fat and tighten skin. Learn strategies that put you, your goals and health in the driver seat and your results in overdrive.  


Avoid the, “I’m not seeing results” by doing these 3 things. 98% of women who lift weights are making this HUGE MISTAKE and that’s why only 2-3% ever achieve their goals. 


How to ignite your fat burning metabolism by doing this one thing.  


How to design workouts that sculpt long, lean sexy muscle versus thick, blocky manly muscle. 

"Within the first few days I was stronger, more defined muscles, and losing inches
in all the right places..."

"I watched your Women Weight Lifting Masterclass. That same day I started to apply what I learned. In just a few days I saw changes with my body. I'm excited about the possibilities.

My clothes are finally feeling comfortable. I'm already losing my muffin top and my skin is getting tighter on it's own. No pills at all!

I'm saving tons of money, spending less time training which means I have more time for my other responsibilities, I sleep better. I can't say enough good things about your Masterclass.

Just wanted to share. Thank you for everything you do."

Chelsey Rowman
Stressed out to Excited and Happy

This is a Must Attend, If:

You don't know where to start

You'll walk away from this training with a game plan and total clarity.

You DON'T have an eating/training plan

(but you're trying everything without seeing any real type of results and your metabolism and results are getting slower).

You want to see RESULTS

instead of asking questions and getting more confused trying things that produce zero results. Time is of the essence.

You've been trying for months

to build muscle and burn body fat (maybe even years) but don't see the type of serious results to keep going.

You feel LOST with what to do next

and you know the right strategy will not only get you RESULTS, but give you the type of mind-set, energy, and confidence to live life the way you want.

It's STRESSFUL when you don't see results

You've got a lot going on and you need a proven process broken down into easy steps so you can take action and never look back.

A Note from Robyne...

After 40 years in the health and fitness industry, I can confidently say - when you learn how to sculpt a strong, sexy functional physique, your life follows suit.

It's the most powerful asset you can ever have when it comes to measuring success and it's surprisingly simple to get started and gain momentum FAST.

In just 60 minutes you learn how to supercharge your metabolism and burn body fat while build muscle and sculpt a strong sexy physique... even if you're starting from scratch.

My goal for you? After this free masterclass, you will never again say the words, "I'm struggling with seeing results".

Stick with me... this masterclass will change how you lift weights, how quick you see results in the mirror and how you live life.

I'll help you achieve your goals.

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See you there,


✅ For 44 years I’ve been teaching others how to sculpt strong, sexy curves. Other’s may try to brand their materials around my concepts but never are they even 10% efficient at teaching the concepts. 

✅ Local, Regional, National Body Building and Fitness Champion

✅ Owner of 9 wellness centers.

✅ Nutritionist and Trainer for Elite Modeling Agency based out San Francisco, New York, Scottsdale and St. Louis.

✅ Trainer to professional athletes, celebrity’s, professional dance troupes and more.

✅ Involved with weight lifting since a young child and have gone on to work with hundreds of thousands of individuals get in the best shape of their life through weight lifting.

Most important though and near and dear to my heart is that:

👉 I teach you how to work with who you are. When it comes to sculpting strong sexy curves you want to embrace your unique curves. Fall in love with them. 

Plus, the glory of lifting weights comes from embracing you… your challenges, your mindset, your physique and body at work NOT someone else.  

The last thing you want to do is follow someone else’s program. Working out just to work out is one thing but if you want solid results that provide you with sexy, strong curves you need a strategy… a blueprint… a plan that works around you.

Sure, I could easily provide you my workouts. Even put a high dollar value on them.. but the truth is this, the chances of my workouts giving you the exact results I have are minimal. Every one has their own unique body. They should be encouraged to embrace their body not someone else’s. This is what a champion is all about.

Anyone who encourages you to follow random workouts are probably on youtube. If an individual is selling you programs that they followed, wrote up without working with you personally or worse yet purchased premade templates somebody else wrote they do not have you in their best interest and/or they do not realize the power and significance of your unique YOU!

YES.... I'M IN!

Share your secret, Please...

I’d love to Lose Weight During The Holidays While Eating My Favorite Foods…

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