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You'll Discover:

  • Why you’re not getting the results you desire,
  • How to set yourself up for success from the start,
  • Out of all the hundreds of diets which one is best for you, your fitness goals, lifestyle and personality,
  • How to create a symmetrical, hourglass physique,

The FREE 3 Day "Get Fit" Video series will save you months if not years of frustration, money and time.

Here's What You'll Learn:

If you ever wondered how to lift weights or why you’re not getting the results you hoped for the 3 Day “Get Fit” Video series will answer all your questions and end ALL confusion.

DAY #1

  1. The Truth About Reps
  2. How Much Weight To Use, When & Why
  3. How To Breathe Correctly
  4. The #1 Trick To Exercise
  5. Exercise Form Is King
  6. How To Speed Up Your Results
  7. Much More

DAY #2

  • Learn how to create the perfect diet for you, your fitness goals and your lifestyle. 
  • This one simple strategy will boost your metabolism 5x without pills, shakes and stops cravings in their tracks.

DAY #3

  • Lead you through a short workout online,
  • Evaluate your exercise form,
  • Answer any question on diet and how to lift weights.

Out of shape? Want to get fit? Afraid lifting weights will get you thick and blocky? In this Free "Get Fit" Video series for women you learn how to lift weights to burn fat, tone and sculpt your physique without getting thick and blocky.

Who Is Robyne Arrow?

Robyne Arrow founder of “Women Weightlifting Academy” has been involved with the health and fitness industry for over 40 years helping others fulfill their weight loss and fitness goals so they can live life the way they always hoped. 

Robyne was the nutritionist and fitness trainer for Elite and John Casablanca models, worked with pro athletes, international dance troupes, celebrities, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, trainer to bodybuilder and fitness competitors, weight loss coach who helped individuals lose 10-400 pounds, owner of wellness centers and much more but nothing excites Robyne more than showing individuals how to get started with exercise and how to create a beautiful, symmetrical physique. 


One of her reasons is based on all the misleading claims out on the market getting started with an exercise program is the hardest part and creating a “solid foundation in the beginning” is the most important part. 

Whether you are just getting started with your fitness goals or you’ve been unsuccessful at getting results Robyne can help you achieve the ultimate transformation QUICK using a simple method found in the “Get Fit” Video Training series. 

In Robyne’s 40+ year involvement with health and fitness she’s accomplished every single fitness goal she ever set out to achieve.

To name just a few; 

  • Local, State, Regional bodybuilder champion
  • Top 10 bodybuilder in the country
  • Ms. Fitness champion
  • Rollerblade across the United States
  • Ran across the United States
  • Bicycled across the United States while working with community leaders on child and bike safety issues and over 10,000 children during school assemblies on “Never Give Up On Who You Are”. 


When You Realize You're The One
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