Getting Fit, Healthy & Strong Just Got Fun & Affordable!

Imagine checking off four items from your bucket list these next 12 months and finally living out your dreams.

  • No more distractions…
  • No more time wasted on programs that don’t work…
  • No more, “I can’t achieve” thoughts…


Imagine how you’ll feel as each step you take brings you closer to your goals NOT further away. The same goals you’ve wanted to see yourself achieve for years but didn’t know how. The same goals you thought were impossible. The same goals you nearly gave up on as time went by.

Imagine achieving what you once thought was impossible.

Imagine your confidence levels soaring, your inner and outer strength sky rocketing.

Imagine feeling better, more energized and receiving a clean bill of health.

Imagine how your life will be. Imagine the journey!! Imagine staring at the next dream head-on knowing you’ll accomplish it too.

How, is this possible?”, you ask.

This Is How:

  • You have a team of qualified personal trainers and nutritionists at your side assisting you with your weight loss and fitness goals TO answer any questions you have along the way!
  • You have unlimited access to daily, LIVE workouts giving you one on one support SO you get the focus and training you need to keep you on track instead of getting sidetracked by what someone else is doing.
  • You have a detailed, step-by-step curriculum that works with who you are, right where you are at every phase, guiding you from beginner phase to advanced stages of fitness, weight loss & health to avoid injury and keep progression forward. 
  • You have a group of like-minded friends with the same goals as you who you can reach out to, who show up for you, who support you and your goals through the good and the bad. 
  • You have 24/7 support. We truly do care about your success and want to see you living life at its fullest SO together we will conquer the challenges along the way.
  • You have ALL of this in one place at your fingertips whether you’re at home, work, vacation or wherever you may be. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once this window closes, so does your opportunity to join at this special one time offer. 

Welcome to the Academy

If the idea of losing weight during the 7 day trial excites you…

imagine how excited you’ll be as an annual member;

  • Overcoming every single challenge you’re faced with. 
  • Achieving your weight loss goals without the struggle, confusion of what to do and how to do it regardless the time of year.
  • Have the type of physique you always dreamed of without the confusion, frustration and aggravation of what to do and how to achieve it.
  • Check off items from your bucket list. Want to go on a long hike? Consider it done! Want to run in a 5k Color run, mud run obstacle course or a 1/2 marathon? Consider it done! Want to be lean, strong, confident and healthy? Consider it done!
  • Confidence to handle challenges, and more…

If the thought of learning how to lift weights and get fit with the guidance of an international personal trainer for 12 months sets your soul on fire…  

Swoop up this chance to join the Women Weight Lifting Academy NOW… 

If you’re in a hurry to lose weight and get fit… that’s ok… you can…

If you want to take your time, that’s ok too…

Whichever way you choose the Academy’s step-by-step guidance teaches every step necessary (tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets too) so you’re in the drivers seat of your destiny without the distraction of choosing this and that approach to find in the end they don’t work. 

If you want to reach out to other community members you can… or if you choose not too, that’s ok too…

You can attend every LIVE, in person online, fitness class or view the new workouts when you get the time. That’s up to you…

With the purchase of an Annual membership today you’ll be saving BIG versus paying month to month at the $37 monthly price that you’d receive coming in from the 7 day trial.

You’ll receive everything mentioned on this and the previous page PLUS one on one support whenever you feel stuck from highly recognized, knowledgeable world-class trainers (the BEST in the industry) plus you have a step by step guidance system to help you get from where you are right now to where you always hoped to be for a one time price of $97. I know it’s unheard of but this price is only good for a few short moments. You’ve probably already spent more than that on programs, gadgets that you plan on following for the new year and will probably spend more than $97 the first week not to mention the rest of the year and succeeding years to come. This opportunity will not only save you thousands of dollars you’re actually getting a $1997 membership for a tenth of the cost. But, when you tally up what you are getting you’re actually getting over 20,000 worth of training, support and guidance in these next 12 months. 

What’s more important is the fact that this time next year you can be living the dream NOT wondering where you went wrong. 

NOTE, this offer ends in just 10 minutes and counting. No where else will you get an opportunity like this… EVER!!!!

The original price for the Women Weight Lifting Academy is $197 a month or $1997 a year.

Why am I lowering the price so low? 

Because I made a commitment to myself that I didn’t want $$ to get in the way of those who wanted to get fit but couldn’t afford a trainer get in the way of their success. I know the price is probably scary but only you can make that determination. All you have to do is look and listen at all the testimonials on this and the previous pages and my background to know getting support from a highly trained trainer doesn’t get any better.


Heck my hourly rate alone is $250. 


But Hurry because this one time offer is only good for 10 minutes and as soon as the counter clicks to 00-00-00 the offer is no longer available and unfortunately you will be required to pay the $197 monthly price or $1997 annual price. 

I understand you just signed up for the 7 day trial but what if you realize you really love the membership? Sure you could wait out the 7 day trial to see if you like the results you’re getting but chances are you will be SUPER EXCITED…. like 98% of those who tried the 7 Day trial and joined the Academy. And, remember you receive a 90 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the Academy, you will receive a complete, 100% money back refund. No questions asked. 

You are just moments away from getting access to EVERYTHING you need to lose weight, get fit, and start crossing items off your bucket list and living the life you always dreamed!

PLEASE NOTE: Once this window closes, so does your opportunity to join at this special one time offer. 

What Others Are Saying About The Academy:

I love how the Academy works with you. Robyne really pays attention to everyone in class and she never makes someone do something they're not ready for. I LOVE everything about the Academy.


I never hired a personal trainer because I was too out of shape. But Robyne has been great working with me. I never thought I would have this much fun exercising, losing weight and getting results so quickly. I'm really, really, really happy I joined the Academy.

Mandy Walker

Whatever you want to achieve? Consider it done. Robyne really works closely with everyone, and has some amazing concepts that I've never heard any where and work like a charm.

Jackie Lemmon

If you have a chance to work with Robyne do it. She's amazing. She may be more expensive than others but I would gladly pay her double. Robyne is magical with fitness, weight loss and the mind.

Donna B

Why Is This Opportunity So Important To You?

This opportunity is only important to you if:

  • You are tired of not getting results,
  • You’re thinking you’re one of those who never will be fit and healthy,
  • You’ve tried numerous programs resulting in little to zero results,
  • You’re tired of the guessing game and want to start doing things right,
  • You’re asking others either in person or on social networking fitness and/or weightloss groups how to achieve success and still achieving minimal success,
  • You’re tired of trying to lose weight and getting nowhere.


The only reason why this opportunity would be important to someone who’s already noticing change is because they know there going to be numerous other challenges and tons of questions as they move forward. And, they’re afraid they’re going to go backwards, unable to keep up with the lifestyle.

But if you have tried to get fit or lose weight with little to no results to show for it OR you want to get started but have too many questions to get started than you truly don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Sure you could wait to see if other programs work for you, or random youtube workout videos will keep you inspired and get you the results you are looking for but the question you want to ask yourself is how much time are you going to spend looking for the perfect workout that feels right, that doesn’t injure you, provides you with results you like or one you don’t have to spend a bunch of money and time on. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • do you have that time to learn without someone by your side helping and assisting you every step of the way?
  • Will you be able to handle the ups and downs? 
  • Will you be willing to wait it out for months, if not years trying to find a way to workout that supports your likes/dislikes, a buddy system, doesn’t entail a lot of your time, money and worse yet injure yet setting you back for how long? 


These are very important questions to ask yourself because the last thing you want, Is to be here this time next year, “Wondering how am I going to get in shape” and feel aggravated once again without seeing results or worse yet give up altogether. The truth is the longer you put something on hold the greater the chance you will ever accomplish it. 

I truly care about you and your success. I know the value of being fit and feeling strong. I want to see you succeed. This is why #1, I spent long hours creating and recreating and recreating my material. Why I forgone my life for most of my life to make sure that my material would provide you with the results you are looking for and how to with ease achieve your goals. 

And #2, why I’m even offering this Academy, after blood, sweat and tears, at this low price. But, I too know I can’t keep offering the Academy at this price. Do you know my hourly rate, because of not just my experience but because I put tons of my time to make sure you and everyone has a program that works, is $250 per hour. Yep that’s right. In fact, I’ve only upped my pricing $50 in 30 years and people are still standing in line ready to pay me this price. People are even offering to pay me more when my schedule is completely booked in hopes I can fit them into my schedule. But I can’t.

I know you know the benefits of being healthy, fit, confident and strong. I too know the chances of you getting caught up and distracted by all the hype in the industry is far greater than achieving your goals. 


When you have what took me 40 years to learn and create the secrets, tips and short cuts I share with you within the Academy you save yourself loads of time. These small tweaks will fast track your success and create a big impact without you putting in a lot of extra time. IMPORTANT: The Academy is about getting fit and healthy without a huge time commitment. Some days you may want to take on more and other days less. That’s ok… that is the journey and everyone has a different journey. We help you embrace yours. It’s about getting fit without burning yourself out. The tips, secrets and shortcuts will save you enormous time with quick results. 

Being productive and seeing results isn’t about getting a lot of things done rather it’s about getting the right things done.

No other additional costs are included. You get it all.

Great question. I just upgraded the Academy with ongoing plans of gamifying the system and much more. 

Since I am just now kicking off the Academy with the new revisions the price is low and probably too low. Every month the price will go up until it gets to $197. 

Individuals who sign up now will be grandfathered in at the grand opening price until they end their mentorship. Should you choose to stop your mentorship and come back at a future date you will then pay that current mentorship price.  


Provided below is an outline of what you can expect at the Academy twelve month mentorship. With each phase more of the mentorship unfolds beyond personal support with world class trainers and nutritionists including weekly call-ins, daily LIVE workouts, A-Z Learning Centers, Meditation, Yoga and other exciting opportunities and experiences. 

  • #1: Getting Started


    What four things do you want to cross off your bucket list in the next 12 months? Could be small or large? 

    Do you want to overcome an injury, lose weight, go on a weekend active getaway, run a marathon, participate in a mud run with obstacles, or maybe compete in a fitness show as a few examples?  

    Let's determine what it is you want and determine a plan of action.

  • #2: Beginner phase


    Once we hone in on the fours things you want to accomplish (sure, they can change and probably will as you gain more clarity and confidence) by this time next year we are going to work our way back, start from where you are right now and take the appropriate steps and focus on completing your first goal or bucket item. 

    Our main focus is on nutrition, learning what weight loss approach is best for you, your lifestyle, your likes/dislikes, your personality.

    Then we begin focusing on the basics of exercise and creating your exercise foundation in such a way that supports where you are right now and how to achieve your ultimate goal. If you want to get strong we'll focus on building your strength the right way. If you want to be tone and lean then we'll focus on getting toned and exercise accordingly., step-by-step.

  • #3: Beginner Phase


    Now that your weight loss is underway and your exercise foundation has been built it's time to start participating in LIVE beginner exercise classes from walking to weightlifting classes that range 5-45 minutes in length. 


  • #4:


    Now that we have started creating the foundation of your exercise and beginning to tap into your weight lifting routine we now start tapping into sculpting your body as we determine your strengths and weaknesses; flexibility, strength, etc